5 great reasons why you should put your boat indoors this season!

Why you should put your boat indoors this season

Now that it’s Spring, many people will be thinking about getting their boats out ready to go boating.

Here’s five great reasons why you should put your boat away, indoors in a Drystack for the season!

#1 Completely dry

Stored indoors, fully protected from all sides, your boat is free from UV and saltwater damage, pollution, storm damage and seagulls, with no risk of osmosis either.

#2 Free from wear and tear

Your boat will stay in great condition. With no boat cover needed either, there’s no degradation from the elements, which enhances your re-sale value too.

#3 No antifoulling

Being stored out of the water means you do not need to go to the trouble or expense of applying antifoul each year.

#4 Clean hull

Your boat is lifted, washed and stored inside each time you return. Keeping a clean hull means no weed, no barnacles and far greater full efficiency.

#5 High n’ dry and totally secure

Stored inside, out of sight, and high up out of reach with 24 hour security. You can rest assured your boat is safe and sound.

As well as the benefits for your boat, you can go boating whenever you want.

With unlimited lifts and launches, and three huge Wiggins boat lifts on site, we can guarantee to launch your boat, and have her ready waiting for you 7 days a week.

What’s more, if you want to give Trafalgar Drystack a try, you can take advantage of our 30 Day Risk Free Guarantee.

Want to discover more? Call Corinne on +44 (0)23 9270 6384 or drop her an email now.

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