Cost savings of indoor boat storage

Completely dry indoor boat storage

By definition, an indoor Drystack is totally clean and dry. Whereas an external boat rack means your boat is still exposed to the ravages of the elements.

  • fully undercover, dry, weatherproof storage for your RIB or motorboat
  • your boat is protected from UV degradation and pollution
  • no need to fit awkward or wet covers

Less maintenance and extra savings for you

  • no antifoul – saving you money and preserving the environment
  • reduced annual maintenance – saves time and costs
  • free from barnacles and weed growth means more efficient fuel consumption

A clean smooth hull means a smoother ride, plus significantly improved boat performance and overall fuel economy.

A clean boat free from damage

  • find your boat as you left it
  • no wear and tear from bumps in a marina
  • maintains excellent condition 

Reducing depreciation gives you a better resale value when you come to sell or exchange it.

See your potential savings

Typical marina maintenance budget The Drystack maintenance budget
Antifoul £444 Antifoul £0
Lift/launch/wash £466 Lift/launch/wash £0
Mid-season scrub £213 Mid-season scrub £0
Hull clean & polish £705 Hull clean & polish £287
Boat covers (one off) £230 Boat covers N/A
Anode replacement / drive clean – Annual cost £261 Anode replacement / drive clean – 5 yearly cost (£50)
Annual Total £2319 Annual total £297
Saving you: £2022

Complete peace of mind

There’s no need to worry about your boat exposed out on a mooring. Or vulnerable in boat storage ashore.

  • stored high up in purpose designed, fully adjustable boat racks
  • your boat and kit is extremely safe, secure and out of reach
  • fully protected with security patrols and CCTV running 24 hours/day

Kinder for the environment

We love using our oceans, and we all want to protect them. Using Trafalgar Drystack means your boat is:

  • less prone to accumulating oily water in the bilges
  • less chance of any oil or fuel leaks into the harbour
  • not polluting the marine environment with toxic anti-fouling

So, all round, it is a kinder solution for marine life.

Making the most of your time

Our quick, convenient service helps you to spend more time on the water, and less time preparing.

  • Book your boat launch via our online APP
  • No stress, no delays
  • No standing waist deep in water on slipways

Your boat will be ready waiting and then on your return leave it with us to wash it down and put it to bed in the Drystack.

Been stacking for 7 years now and it keeps getting better and better. Friendly and helpful team, convenient facilities and location…”


Have been with Drystack now for 6 years. They are continually looking for ways to improve the facility, on site fuel bay, Cafe, boat club…”

Linda Frost

Our boat has lived in the dry stack for 2 years we phone and ask for it to be launched as as soon as we arrive it is on the water…”

Kath Roby

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We are confident that you’ll love it here at The Drystack.

In fact we are so confident that we have a money back guarantee.

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