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We’ve had a superb response from our Drystack survey!


Great facility and, overall, very well run

Just the perfect solution, hassle free boating..At last!

How you rated our service:
The percentage of responses rating the service good or excellent was:

  • Helpfulness of Drystack team 95%
  • Rinse off service 80%
  • Timeliness 83%
  • Ease of booking lift in/lift out service  93%

We were pleased with the ease of booking and helpfulness of the team, and we’re looking at the timeliness of the launch service and how well the rinse off service is working.

Very happy with the whole service

The main reasons you joined the Drystack:

The top reason was the convenience of having the boat in the water ready to go.

Other popular reasons were:

  • Security of having boat stored in an enclosed building.
  • Reduced boat degradation/maintain boat value.
  • Ease of leaving boat on pontoon to be rinsed and stored away.

Other reasons given were about the flexibility of going out on the water in the evening, no need to tow the boat anywhere, the location and the Drystack community.

I use my boat much more because of the Drystack features.

How long it takes from leaving your car to leaving the dock?

41% of respondents said it took them less than 20 minutes and 48 said it took between 20 to 30 minutes.

91% said they would be very or highly likely to recommend Drystack

Your comments:

The comments section has been invaluable. It’s given us a very clear direction on what we need to focus on over the season, and I’m delighted to say we’re already putting many of the suggestions into action:

Your Feedback

What We're Doing

We need more space to moor up on the pontoons.

We have changed some of our practises in order that you should always be able to find a space to safely moor up.  Occasionally it may still be necessary to raft up at busy times.  Please do let us know if we have not got this right, or if you have any problems.  

Can Drystack members have a discount in the cafe?

We have agreed with the cafe a 20% discount card for hot drinks. The cards are being printed now. Very soon the free tea and coffee hut will be back open over the hours that the cafe is closed.

In the maintenance area there are too few water points and the hosepipes need some attention.

Our plumber is booked to install some new water points and better quality hose points for you to use very soon.

Is 3 hours notice really required to launch my boat?

We're changing the notice required on our app to 2 hours. If you need your boat moving more quickly or you can't see a convenient time slot then please phone us so we can do our best to help.

Can the CCTV coverage be extended?

Additional CCTV coverage for the pontoon area, maintenance racks and Drystack will be installed shortly. 

Is the WiFi coverage going to improve?

Additional WiFi coverage in the maintenance rack area and boutique marina is being installed shortly.

Can the notice period be changed on the launch app?

We have changed the notice period on our launch app from 3 hours to 2 hours. Whilst we would like our Drystack users to give us a minimum of 2 hours notice, we would be very pleased to hear from you by phone if you need a boat moving quicker, as sometimes we get cancellations.

Could a windsock or flag be installed to show wind direction when approaching the pontoons?

Yes, we will be installing a windsock or flag in the coming weeks.

Excellent service, friendly uncompromising staff and superb facilities. Cannot fault

And finally, a couple of reminders:

  • Work on your boats on the maintenance racks outside of Drystack operating hours. Just let Reception know your plans.
  • Our rinse off service is complimentary. Just let us know when you leave the pontoon.
  • If you’re looking for deeper cleaning services we have an on-site valet.

Some boat users kindly gave some very specific feedback and it would be great to discuss with you, unfortunately, the survey was anonymous so we would love to hear from you directly if you’d like to discuss your questions and thoughts if they are not answered above.  

Our door is always open for feedback and suggestions. Please don’t hesitate to pop in and see me or one of my team.

A big thank you from all of us at Trafalgar.

Colin Richardson


Trafalgar Group
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