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    Where are you?

    • We are at the top end of Portsmouth Harbour, opposite Port Solent and just minutes from the M27. How to find us.

    How long does it take to get to the entrance to Portsmouth Harbour?

    • Approximately 15-20 minutes via the Port Solent channel, which is clearly marked.

    Can I let friends and family access my boat? How do you ensure I have authorised usage?

    • Just email or phone us and we will note their names on our records

    Are the Drystack pontoons accessible at all tides?

    • Yes, they are. There is no need to plan for tides if you have your boat in the Drystack.

    Do you have car parking?

    • We have plenty of parking right next to the Drystack building.

    Do you have any facilities on site?

    • We have a lovely cafe overlooking the harbour, toilets and showers and a small chandlery.

    How long can I leave my boat on the boat storage maintenance racks?

    • We usually say a maximum of 24 hours simply because the racks are in high demand. Occasionally we can make exceptions to this. Please check with us. If you have long term work we can move your boat to the boat park. There is a small fee for this service.
          Going Out

          How quickly can I get my boat in the water and ready to go?

          • Normally you can give us 1 hours notice, however, due to the government guidelines on COVID-19 we are requesting 3 hours notice. You can also use our online booking app which enables you to book up to 48 hours in advance.

          Can I have my boat launched very early in the day?

          • You can request to have your boat launched at the end of the previous day. Your boat will be safe on the pontoon overnight ready for you to leave early in the morning.

          Can you provide fuel for my boat?

          • Yes, we can. We can provide valet fuelling for Drystack customers on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Just call and book your boat in.

          If I request valet fuelling am I charged a higher rate per litre of fuel?

          • There is a small charge for valet fuelling. The price varies depending on fuel costs when we take delivery of a fuel consignment.

          If I pay extra can I have valet fuelling over Friday to Monday?

          • Unfortunately, we only offer valet fuelling Tuesday to Thursday.  Just give us a call and book in for fuel.

          Can I phone the Beach Hut Cafe in advance and get a picnic organised to take with me on the boat?

          When You Return

          When I return, do I simply leave my boat on the pontoon?

          • Yes, you simply tie up the boat and jump in your car.

          Do you clean the boats every time they are used?

          • We pressure wash the underside of each boat when they are lifted out. The top sides aren’t cleaned but there are hoses on the pontoons which you are welcome to use.

          I know the boats are rinsed before they are stored away. Do you offer more extensive cleaning services for the boats?

          • We have a great contractor who provides boat valeting. Please contact Simon Darlington on telephone 0770 9556 086.

          What does the inspection on return cover?

          • Whilst we are washing your boat with fresh water we do an inspection to see if any damage or anything extraordinary has happened to your hull. If anything is spotted we will take photos and contact you.

          Can the boat battery be re-charged whilst in storage?

          • We can re-charge the battery for you but only whilst the boat is not in the Drystack. Please leave the cable in an obvious place and ensure the cable is long enough to easily reach the power outlet. We cannot go on to the boat and connect the battery for you. Please always remember to isolate your battery before the boat is returned to the Drystack.

          Can I bring my boat back after dark?

          • Yes, you can leave your boat on our pontoon at any time. If we have finished lifting for the day your boat will be safe left on the pontoon overnight. In the morning we will lift, rinse and put away the boat inside the Drystack.

          How do I ensure my boat is lifted out the same day I return my boat to the pontoon?

          • We will always do our best to lift your boat out of the water on the same day it is returned. We recommend you return your boat before 3 p.m. to ensure your boat is lifted. Make sure you tie your orange bung bag high up at the back of the boat so we know you want the boat put away.

          Can you tell me more about the free marina overnight stay?

          • Our tidal marina has free berths for our Drystack customers. Please book your boat in for a launch and then you can move your boat to the marina. You can sleep on your boat for up to a week.  All we ask is that you let us know your plans and please remember the marina is tidal so you will need to ensure there is enough water over the sill at the entrance.

          Do you provide any special offers throughout the year?

          • Yes, we do. Please can contact us and we can discuss what is available.

          Is there a maximum weight for each boat?

          • Approximately 9 tonnes, but this depends on the boat make, model and the weight configuration of the boat.

          Are lifts and launches included in the contract?

          • Unlimited lifts and launches are included in annual and monthly contracts all year round.

          Are lifts to the maintenance racks included in the cost?

          • Unlimited lifts to the maintenance racks are included in annual and monthly contracts all year round.

          What is the largest boat you can lift into the Drystack?

          • 13 metres or 9 tonnes. There is some variation to this depending on the boat model and the weight configuration. We will let you know if Drystack is not suitable for your boat.
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