10 ways our indoor Drystack boat store gives you More Time Out

10 ways indoor boat storage gives you more time out

There’s many ways berthing your boat in our huge indoor Drystack helps give you More Time Out on the water.

Here’s our top ten ways, for you and your boat.

#1 Totally clean and dry

Protected from exposure to the elements, UV damage or atmospheric pollution. You don’t need to spend time cleaning tubes and hulls or repairing covers.

#2 Less maintenance

Removes necessity for anti-fouling, additional lift outs and regular anode replacement. Spend the time having fun with your friends and family.

#3 Reduced exposure to salt water

This is more beneficial for your boat, drives and engines. The hull won’t get osmosis either, reducing hassle and valuable time with your boat out of action.

#4 Better boat performance

A clean hull saves fuel usage and you go faster with no barnacles, weeds or anti-foul paint to push through the water. Get there quicker using less fuel – what’s not to like?

#5 Saves you money

Completely covered, indoor dry storage reduces your boat’s depreciation and ensures lower maintenance costs. So you can spend the maintenance budget on doing more fun things!

#6 Safe and secure

Your boat is stored high up out of reach, and is fully protected on all sides. You don’t need to worry about having to fit wheel clamps or coming down to check your boat either. We have 24 hour security on site.

#7 Free from damage

Indoor boat storage avoids storm damage or risk of getting a ‘ding’ from other marina users. So there’s no worries about arranging repairs or sorting annoying insurance claims.

#8 Kinder to the oceans

Less likely to suffer from accumulated oily bilge water or engine drips polluting the waters. No risk of marine growth means no toxic anti-foul. This one might help give our local ocean life a little more time too.

#9 Convenient, flexible and quick

Launch as often as you like. Book in, turn up and go. You just need to focus on getting your gear and crew together. No queuing for slipways or cranes. And you can book our valet refueling service, so you don’t have to do that either. It’s all done before you get here.

#10 More time on the water

Means making the most of your precious time afloat. There’s no need to spend your free time hauling in or out, getting wet before you begin or washing down afterwards. You can stay out all day until the last minutes. Come back, tie up and go. Knowing we take care of it all.

Lift, launch, go

All you have to do is book in. Call Corinne on 023 9270 6384 to find out more.

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