You need a passport for the Isle of Wight!

One of our customers decided to play a trick on his teenage son…it went a little something like this;
‘ I booked my launch at The Drystack for last Saturday morning and decided to play the ‘you need a passport for the Isle of Wight’ trick on my teenage son.  
“No you don’t”, he said.  “Yes you do in a private boat, you could be coming from anywhere”, I replied.
I left a phone message on The Drystack’s answer machine before they’d opened asking for some assistance with the ruse.  Matt and his colleagues made up signs and posted them around The Drystack customer area… On arrival, I handed over my passport to ‘Matt the Official’, and said that Ollie hadn’t brought his. What followed was just one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen as my teenage son truly started to believe we’d have to anchor off Cowes and just look!  
Matt explained that the officials had tightened up a lot on the island and they were no longer allowing people to dodge the passport checks.  He also told my son that he’d need to stand on the boat and keep an eye out for the ‘lunchtime man’. 
“Look out for him on the quay wall”,  Matt said.  “You have to make the gesture of food to your mouth for chips and make a wavy signal with your arm if you want fish with it, salt and vinegar is a bit of a challenge and on most occasions sadly you don’t get it.  And make sure that someone is on standby to keep an eye for this fella otherwise it’s a long day with no food.  Ice-creams are another matter and a lot trickier.”
Absolute comedy gold.  Please pass on my sincerest of thanks.  I nearly wet myself!!!
Regards to all at the fab Drystack. ‘

~ Adrian (School’s Out)


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